(ITA (BS) – Sweet Noise, Post Punk, Psych)

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KICK are a duo formed by Chiara Amalia and Nicola .
Their sound is a combination of raw and melodic elements that could be defined as sweet noise.
“Light Figures” was produced by KICK together with Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle, I Hate My Village).
“Light Figures” represents a slight change of direction in the duo’s sound, which becomes less electronic and more analogical, more minimal and heavier.

The songs bring together trip hop, no-wave, stoner and desert rock, neo-psychedelia and many other influences.
“Light Figures” boasts also some interesting collaborations, such as Scott Reeder (former Kyuss bass player, currently in Fireball Ministry) on bass on the track “Setting Tina”, and Beppe Scardino (C’mon Tigre, Calibro 35) on the brasses on “Viole”.
The first studio album by KICK, “Mothers”, was released in 2016. “Mothers” was followed by the four-track EP “Post-Truth”, released for the label Bello Records in 2018 with three singles extracted.








2 0 1 9

  • 05/01 Bahnhof Live PD
  • 10/01 Mare Culturale Urbano MI
  • 19/01 Arci Chinaski MN
  • 11/02 Jazz Club TO
  • 18/02 Cortile Café BO
  • 22/02 Arci Tom MN
  • 09/03 Lio Bar BS
  • 06/04 Base BS
  • 11/05 Circolo Arcipelago CR
  • 07/06 Chiosco dei Mulini MN
  • 14/06 NoSilenz Festival BS
  • 22/06 Festa della Musica Brescia BS
  • 28/06 Sofar Sounds London UK
  • 04/07 Oltretorrente Festival PR
  • 14/07 Resta in Festa BS
  • 08/07 Radio Onda d’Urto BS
  • 28/09 Metapalooza Festival MN
  • 05/10 The Killing Moon BS

2 0 1 8

  • 28/09 Latteria Molloy BS
  • 04/10 Mikasa BO
  • 27/10 Arci Dallò MN
  • 02/11 Bang Bang Radio LO
  • 30/11 Kilt Rock’n’R011 Milano MI


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